Terms & Conditions

We offer four advertisement options:
  1. 1) Banner ad placement with the option to target on category and/or region/country of choice
  2. 2) Multiple category listing
  3. 3) Press Release distribution
  4. 4) Company spotlight placement centered at our home page

By default most of our advertisement options are offered per month and can be extended as such.

Banner ad statistics
As a banner advertiser with Hospitality-Industry.com, you will be given password protected access to our ad administration section for your ad so you can get valuable information on your banner campaign's performance. Broken down by each banner you place with us, you will be able to see how many impressions your banner has generated, how many click throughs your ad has accumulated, and the click through percentage for your banner so you can know exactly how much exposure your banner has received, and how much additional traffic has been driven to your site as a result of advertising with Hospitality-Industry.com.

Payments are made through the secured online payment service of PayPal and must be received by launch date of ad campaign. You will be send a confirmation by email.

Emailed GIF or JPEG ads must be submitted 48 hours before campaign start date, Monday through Friday. Rich Media ads must be submitted 4 business days before campaign start date to allow for testing. Formats: JPEG, or GIF files. Animated GIF ads are accepted with a maximum of 3 rotations. Rich Media: Flash, Pop-Under and Third Party Served ads are subject to review. Extreme or distracting animation will not be accepted. Please use Click-Tag method on Flash ads to be sure ad is clickable. File Size: 50kb max.

  • - Hospitality-Industry.com reserves the right to decline a banner linked to website which contains content involving hacking, cracking, warez, gambling, pornography, and other content that is not related to the hospitality industry.
  • - If a payment has been sent to Hospitality-Industry.com, it is solely in Hospitality-Industry.com hand and we clearly reserve the right to decline any requested refunds. We will not refund any funds sent for submitting a banner ad that does not follow the terms. We will consider refunds for a site that is rejected for other reasons.
  • - If your banner ad/link is not accepted, you will have the chance to exchange the banner/website to one that is accepted.
  • - You agree the website you are submitting is related to the hospitality industry.
  • - Hospitality-Industry.com reserves the right to remove, move and cancel any subscriptions at any time, providing a prior notice has been sent via e-mail.
  • - You understand that if you encounter any problems or have any queries which you want answered you may contact Hospitality-Industry.com using the contact form.
  • - The banner placement has no contract. You may cancel the next subscription at anytime using PayPal service prior to the next subscription date. It is your responsibility to cancel using PayPal service. Hospitality-Industry.com will not refund for funds sent for already approved subscriptions.

If you have any question then please don't hesitate to contact us through our contact form