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Tourism in Ajara, Georgia: Off-the-Beaten-Track FDI Location

Tourism in Ajara, Georgia: Off-the-Beaten-Track FDI Location

BATUMI, Georgia, January 3, 2013 -

  The republic of Georgia has landed in the international media spotlight for a variety
of reasons in recent years and months, from its conflict with Russia a handful of years
ago to its pro-investment and development environment and advances intransparency and
pro-business regulatory pushes. Georgia is also gaining popularity as an off-the-beaten
track tourist destination - thanks in large part to its gastronomical prowess, which has
been featured in various media outlets, including The Huffington Post citing Georgia as a
top tourist and culinary destination for 2013.


  In the midst of this positive attention, the Georgian region of Ajara has also made
international news, thanks to Donald Trump visiting the region and expressing interest in
developing a casino and hotel in Ajara’s capital, Batumi. Trump’s interest has created a
unique opportunity for Ajara’s burgeoning tourist sector. Ajara offers natural beauty,
prime Black Sea coastline, a climate for year-round visitors and an historical tourist
industry from the Soviet era that has continued to attract tourists from neighbouring


  Capitalising on both the history and the future, and the visibility that Trump’s
interest has created, Ajara is poised toward explosive growth and tremendous
tourist-industry development opportunities.


  “The push to build and modernise Ajara’s tourist industry will really move forward in
2013,” according to locations4business’s chief editor, Erika Wolfe. “Georgia as a whole is
emerging from a kind of obscurity, receiving unprecedented amounts of global media
attention from the likes of media outlets such as CNN and Lonely Planet. With this kind of
exposure and the kinds of infrastructural development and investment promotion Georgia,
and indeed Ajara, have been doing, the potential for growth is significant, and the
investment opportunity for motivated players in the tourist industry is likewise
significant in that now is the right time to get in on the ground floor.”


  Ajara offers infrastructure and real estate developments, existing success stories in
hotel and recreational development, designated recreational zones to take advantage of the
natural activity potential and a range of diversified tourism sectors, ranging from
beachfront and ecotourism to MICE and culinary tourism and everything in between.


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