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National Pasteurized Eggs Reaches Production Milestone; Processes Its 600 Millionth Egg

LANSING, Ill., Sept. 24 2008 - National Pasteurized Eggs (NPE) ( announced today that it has processed its 600 millionth pasteurized shell egg during September’s National Food Safety Month.

The Lansing, Ill.-based producer of pasteurized shell eggs produces nearly one million eggs daily and is doubling its capacity this quarter to meet growing demand. This year alone, NPE has ramped up production 48 percent over 2007, and will pasteurize a total of 200 million eggs by year’s end.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year there are more than 118,000 egg-related salmonella cases, with many more unreported or misdiagnosed.  NPE’s pasteurized shell eggs eliminate the risk of Salmonella enteritidis (SE), the main egg-related Salmonella bacteria, and are sold under the Davidson’s Safest Choice(R) brand across the country. Caesar Entertainment, Carl’s Jr., C+entral DuPage Hospital and Mather LifeWays currently all have selected NPE’s eggs as their safe choice for shell eggs. These pasteurized eggs are also sold to thousands of other food service outlets through distributors in all 50 states.  These milestones are reflective of the vastly increasing demand for pasteurized shell eggs, due to both restaurant operator and consumer food safety concerns along with changes in state food codes that require restaurants, hospitals and other food service outlets to serve safer food, according to NPE president Greg West.

“The demand for NPE’s pasteurized shell eggs has grown significantly over the last 18 months because food safety continues to be a major priority for food service operators, consumers, producers and those concerned with public health and safety,” West said.  “With new food code standards and heightened consumer awareness becoming a reality, the demand for pasteurized shell eggs will only continue to rise and we will continue to increase production to meet market needs here and overseas.”

Demand for pasteurized shell eggs has increased as states such as California, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois have adopted the most recent FDA Food Code, in which pasteurized shell eggs shall be substituted for raw eggs to at-risk groups.  These groups include hospital and nursing home patients, adults over 55, children under age 10, pregnant women and the immune compromised such as diabetics and post-operative individuals.

The U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army and National Park Service have also adopted it, while The National Restaurant Association recommends the Food Code Standards to its members and has added the Code’s egg-related safety standards to its ServSafe training.  Additionally, the federally-sponsored WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program has approved Davidson’s Safest Choice pasteurized eggs.

How Does NPE’s Pasteurization Process Work?

Using an hour-long, patented pasteurization process that meets Food & Drug Administration (FDA) standards, NPE offers the only proven continuous process technology capable of pasteurizing large quantities of eggs regardless of size with total product consistency.  NPE’s patented process precisely controls the water bath to the exact temperature needed to kill viruses and bacteria, including all strains of salmonella, inside the eggs without cooking them. Eggs are transferred from USDA farms, to NPE’s USDA audited processing facility where eggs enter a large Jacuzzi-like pasteurization bath.  Here precision controls continuously measure the pasteurization process time and maintain the water temperature to ensure product consistency.

After the eggs complete this all-natural water bath pasteurization, they are sealed with an FDA-approved, food-grade wax to prevent contamination from the environment and preserve freshness. After inspection that identifies and removes damaged eggs, the now-pasteurized shell eggs receive a red circle P stamp on their shells, identifying them as NPE’s certified pasteurized.

NPE’s eggs are distributed under the name Davidson’s Safest Choice pasteurized eggs to food service facilities, restaurants in 50 states and various retailers across the U.S.  For more information, visit or call 708-418-8500. Source: National Pasteurized Eggs

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