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The Interchange Brokerage Company

The Interchange Brokerage Company is a Highly Specialized Consulting Firm, founded for the express purpose of reducing the core processing costs for our hospitality clients through very unique and tested techniques proprietary to our firm. In fact, we are the only company in America who’s sole purpose is to protect the business owners and NOT the banks. Most importantly, we are not a credit card processor and therefore, have no conflict of interest in representing you. The easiest way to envision what we do is to think of hiring the best lawyers in America and ONLY paying them on contigency if and only if they win your case for you. That is what we do for business owners on a daily basis and it is truly revolutionizing this industry with our Rate Lock technology and processes that will more than impress you and your bottom line without Change or Effort or the need to switch from your current provider.

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  • The Interchange Brokerage Company
  • Denver, Colorado
  • United States
  • Tel: 303-646-2723
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