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Queensland Hotels Association

The QHA is the peak industry body in Queensland for the hotel and hospitality industries, accommodation providers, resorts, theme parks, convention centres and casinos. The QHA and its members are also important stakeholders in the tourism industry in Queensland.

The QHA dates its formation to 1885 when a group of hotel owners formed together to lobby the Colonial Government of the Colony of Queensland on matters of excise, taxation and labour and immigration policies.

Today, the QHA is an influential lobby group which represents the interests of the hotel and hospitality industries, and which seeks to advance the interests of its members, and the wider hotel and liquor industries, through contributing to the development of progressive, responsible, and enduring policy and legislative outcomes.

The core objectives of the Queensland Hotels Association are to promote the hotel and hospitality industries in Queensland, to lobby for outcomes which benefit all members, and to assist individual hotel businesses and groups, thereby ensuring a prosperous future for the liquor and associated industries. 

The QHA also provides a wide range of services to its members including industry and compliance training, employment and industrial relations services, WH&S advice and training, and assistance on business development including gaming and liquor regulations.

The QHA is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Queensland, and is a registered Union of Employers in both the Federal and State spheres.  At a national level, the QHA is affiliated with the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) and maintains a Queensland Branch of the AHA.

Membership of the QHA is open to any private enterprise or individual holding any Liquor License under the provisions of the Queensland Liquor Act, other than a Club License.

In effect, QHA members include all forms of hotels, resorts, accommodation providers, theme parks, convention centres, casinos, tourism ventures and similar businesses.  The scope and nature of members is progressively expanding but covers the mainstream of the liquor and associated industries.  The QHA represents the interest of all hoteliers in Queensland, from the large chains through to small owner-operated hotels, and everyone in between.  It is truly an organisation run by hoteliers for hoteliers and their fellow industry stakeholders.

The QHA is structured to provide regional representation and to members across Queensland through locally elected delegates, and by holding regular regional members’ forums throughout the State.  The head office, located in Brisbane, acts as both a headquarters and secretariat for the Association and represents the liquor industry, including lobbying the government and relevant stakeholders for outcomes favourable to the members’ interests.  Most hotel members are represented by elected delegates under a ‘General Division’ of membership, whilst accommodation hotels and resorts are represented through a separate ‘Accommodation Division” – this delineation being common across the AHA branches.  This distinction recognises the different emphasis, clientele, business and promotional needs, and regulation framework applicable to trading and accommodation hotels within a single organisation.

Association members are entitled to elect, and be elected, to the Association’s governing Board within the electoral structure of the QHA.  The QHA is also a State branch of the Australian Hotels Association (AHA), the national lobbying and representative body, and participates through the AHA’s Board and Executive Committee.  Consequently, QHA members have a strong voice at regional, state and national levels.

Membership subscriptions are levied annually, and support the work of the Association in lobbying and developing solutions which benefit all members.  The Association also works closely with a wide range of liquor industry stakeholders, providing leadership, advice and support aimed at ensuring the prosperity of all involved in hotel and hotel-related businesses.

The QHA espouses a responsible, progressive and forward-looking approach to hotel business, where the interest of its members are paramount, but always balanced with the needs and expectations of hotel patrons and the community as a whole.  In this regard, the Association works closely with the Government, community groups, and liquor industry stakeholders to bring about conditions and contribute to legislation which brings balance and responsible practice to our industry.

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  • Queensland Hotels Association
  • 270 Adelaide Street
  • Brisbane, Queens Land 4000
  • Australia
  • Tel: 07 3221 6999
  • Fax: 07 3221 6649

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