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Philadelphia Brewing Company

The brewery buildings were originally erected as part of the Weisbrod & Hess Oriental Brewing Company in 1885. While restoring the buildings we took care to preserve the original brewery markings which remained from Weisbrod and Hess. You can see a tile representation of the brewery’s original peacock logo along with the words “Weisbrod and Hess” and “Bottling Department” on the Amber and Hagert corner of our brewery. The current owners purchased the buildings in 2001 and the first round of renovations began. After about six months of hard work the beer began to flow in our historic brewery once again - and for the first time since the late 1930’s. A second round of renovations, along with extensive cleaning and repairs, was required after we sold our former brand name in 2007 and reemerged as Philadelphia Brewing Company in 2008.

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Contact details:

  • Philadelphia Brewing Company
  • 2423-39 Amber St.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19125
  • United States
  • Tel: +1 (215) 427-BREW (2739)

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