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Here you will find Hotel Lawyers, Restaurant Lawyers, Club Lawyers, including Country Club Lawyers and other Private Club lawyers; all understand your particular business. You will also find Real Estate Lawyers that can assist you in developing your Hotel, Motel, Resort, Bed and Breakfast, Restaurant or Country Club.

We also have Meeting Lawyers that understand meeting contracts.

Also included are Mediators and Arbitrators. Mediators and Arbitrators assist you in your dispute resolution needs.

There is a section that lists Hotel Experts, Restaurant Experts, Country Club Experts, as well as Alcohol Experts, Alcohol Service Experts, Liquor Liability Experts, and Food Service Experts.

In our libraries you will find papers on Hotel Law, Restaurant Law; and Private Club Law including Country Club law. Hotel Law, Restaurant Law and Club law all have unique characteristics.

There is a section that supports the textbook Hospitality Law by Stephen Barth. This text includes excellent information in the Hotel Law, Restaurant Law and Club law areas. The 3rd edition also discusses information on Hotel Management Contracts, Hotel Franchise Agreements, and Restaurant.

We have a library dedicated to Hotel Safety, Hotel Security, Restaurant Safety, Restaurant Security, Private Club Safety and Private Club Security. This library focuses on hotel loss prevention, hotel risk management, restaurant loss prevention, restaurant risk management, private club loss prevention and private club risk management.

We have vendors that specialize in Alcohol Service training as well as; Sexual harassment Training; as well as Hotel Insurance, Restaurant Insurance and Private Club insurance. There are vendors for 360 degree feedback surveys, safety and security online employee training, management consulting and fraud awareness solutions. We also have vendors for employee background checks, in-room safes, flooring solutions, fire prevention products, security products, including CCTV’s, database management tools, internal audits and investigations, defibrillators, and resource books.

Hospitality Lawyers and Hospitality Attorneys concentrate their practices on Hotel Law, Restaurant Law including Alcohol Law, Liquor Liability Law and Food Law; Meeting Law, Event Law and Private Club Law.

Hospitality Loss Prevention specialists focus on Hotel Safety, Restaurant Safety, Private Club Safety as well as Hotel Security, Restaurant Security, and Private Club Security. Hotel Risk Management, Restaurant Risk Management and

Private Club Risk Management is another area of focus in this industry.

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