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Royal Grolsch N.V. is a company with a rich tradition that goes back to 1615. The focal point of commercial activities lies in the Netherlands, Grolsch’s historic home market. Grolsch is active internationally in around 70 countries. Grolsch only brews beer concentrating on the premium segment of the market. The Grolsch brand is the main product. The campaign theme ‘Craftmanship is Mastery’ and the unique swing-top bottle have contributed strongly to the power of the brand. In addition to the Grolsch brand, the company sells beer in a number of international markets under the brandname Amsterdam. Style, class and quality are the hallmarks of Grolsch’s tradesmanship. The company attaches great importance to creativity and innovation. This enables Grolsch to act quickly, particularly in developed markets, to the changing needs of the market. The Grolsch organisation is professional, powerful and flexible, which allows Grolsch as a relatively small company to compete with the big players in the beer world. Grolsch is an attractive employer that puts people at the centre of its open culture and offers good career development opportunities.

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