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Fiesta Inn (Grupo Posadas)

Fiesta Inn is a hotel concept designed to meet the needs of business travelers.  It is the Business Class service chain which offers guests the attention, services and facilities they need to make their trip a success.  The guests of Fiesta Inn also enjoy a familiar and cozy atmosphere in 52 hotels throughout Mexico.

Brand Strategy

Fiesta Inn is the Business Class service chain that offers those who travel for work the attention, services and facilities they need to make their trip successful. The guests of Fiesta Inn can also enjoy a familiar and cozy atmosphere.  At our hotels, guests relax because they know that Fiesta Inn understands their needs and is concerned about helping them achieve their objectives.

Product & Positioning

Aimed at travelers in search of quality service, high efficiency and functionality in very active commercial and tourist locations, the Fiesta Inn hotels offer between 120 and 160 rooms, functional facilities and comfortable and pleasant work areas which guarantee the high standards of comfort and service that distinguish this Business Class chain.


  * Occupancy rate: 65%
  * Market share: 18.3%
  * Occupancy penetration: 108
  * From 1999 until September of 2006, Fiesta Inn’s “Top Of Mind” (TOM) jumped from 4% to 12%; no other brand in the market has performed like this.
  * Fiesta Inn’s “Share Of Mind” (SOM) grew from 17% to 37% between 1999 and September 2006.
  * Only the Fiesta Inn and Fiesta Americana brands have 100% “Total Knowledge”, i.e. during a survey when participants were shown a list of hotels, these were the two brands that were remembered by all of the group.
  * With respect to the competition, except for Holiday Inn, the “Share Of Mind” (SOM) of the other hotels is about 9%.  This means that the Fiesta Americana and Fiesta Inn brands are 17 and 10 points in the lead respectively, which translates into greater profitability.
Number of visits: 4182

Contact details:

  • Fiesta Inn (Grupo Posadas)
  • Paseo de la Reforma 155
  • Col. Lomas de Chapultepec 11000
  • Mexico
  • Tel: +52 (0) 55 5326-6700

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