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Fadehi (Federacion de Asociaciones de Empresarios Hoteleros Iberoamericanos)

Why a federation?

- Because we noticed that the hoteliers of Hispanic origin have a common basis, a common language, a special way to relate and integrate naturally suited.
- Because we have been able to feel a genuine sense of community, supported by a strong confluence of interests and a role equivalent employer.
- Because we have been aware that all of our rights and obligations are similar and that our professional lives are almost identical contexts.
- Because we noticed that the Hospitality Industry in the Universidad Iberoamericana has distinctive shades and because management styles have a base of common values and virtues that should be identified and strengthened.
- Because we realize that our industry has become one of the leaders in investment, employment generation and foreign exchange earnings in each of our countries, while we found that this reality is not recognized and valued among economic agents .
- Because we have also discovered that the environment that surrounds us in each of our countries have similar characteristics to the relationship with the Public Sector is symmetric and that our image in public opinion shows lack unjustified.
- Because we realize that there are many problems that are common to all and because, often, incomprehensible conflicts we face surprisingly repeated in other countries.
- Because we have warned that large international chains, local hotel owners, investors, owners and franchisees are part of the same space and sail in the same boat.
- Because we found that labor and union relations exhibit a strong relationship in most of our countries.
- Because we have failed to establish that the Hospitality is the key driver of tourism and that tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors of our economies. This conviction leads us to suggest a union that allows us to position ourselves in the starring spaces that are ours.
- Because we have reached a glimpse of that in the union and the dialogue is a fruitful area to learn, to exchange experiences, to discuss proposals and to test initiatives.

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