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Cuisine Solutions USA

Cuisine Solutions, Inc. develops, produces and markets premium, fully-cooked, frozen entrees and sauces for the banquet, airline, passenger rail service, retail, military and restaurant industries.


Cuisine Solutions, a pioneer in the U.S. for the Sous-Vide cooking method and technology, utilizes Cuisine Solutions’ proprietary technology and “secret” recipes for more than 200 products. We slowly cook our entrees, sides and sauces, immersed in water and sealed in vacuum tight pouches, at low, varying temperatures for long periods of time. The result is consistently delicious, fully-cooked, restaurant quality products to enjoy in minutes at home, at special and large events, in world class hotels and restaurants, during first class travel, or while serving your country both at home, at sea, or abroad.

Cuisine Solutions France already has a long and successful history on the French consumer retail market. Well-known French chefs trust Cuisine Solutions to produce their signature dishes in a unique and convenient package.

Cuisine Solutions US is revolutionizing the growing trend of home meal replacement in the retail market. Our retail products are created by a team of professional chefs, who work hard so that home cooks don’t have to.

As we continue to grow, we encounter great culinary adventures as a passionate company that has pioneered and succeeded in many cutting edge food ventures. What was once the privileged and best kept secret of many great European chefs is now available to you, aggressively priced and backed by our flawless customer service.

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  • Cuisine Solutions USA
  • 4106 Wheeler Ave
  • Alexandria, Virginia 22304
  • United States
  • Tel: Toll Free 888 285 4679

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