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China Tourism Management Institute

Tianjin, situated on the Huabei Plain of Northern China with YanshanMountains in the North and the BohaiSea in the East, is one of the four big municipalities directly under the central government. It is a modernized port city with a long history. The city is only 120 km northwest of Beijing. At the heart of this metropolis is located the well-known China Tourism Management Institute.

Officially approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education and jointly invested by China National Tourism Administration and the United Nations Development Program, CTMI was founded in 1987. It is now the largest higher learning institution for adults in China specializing in hospitality and tourism education.

It was technically aided in its initial stage by the UNDP as the first funded project in China’s tourism industry. This Institute provides hotel-style accommodation and student cafeteria. The facilities for learning and teaching include fully equipped classrooms, computer laboratory, languages labs, professionally staffed library and learning resource center, audio-visual center for producing teaching materials and a 300-seat multi-purpose auditorium for hosting local and international conference. The practical teaching areas cover the demonstration laboratory for front office, housekeeping, bar and kitchen.

The Institute’s faculty is well qualified with a combination of industrial and academic experience. 80% of the lecturers have undergone training overseas in America and European countries. 85% of them hold qualifications for senior academic titles. Since China entered into the WTO, the Institute has introduced some expatriates with professional experience to deliver courses. With joint efforts of both the local teachers and the expatriates, CTMI attaches great importance to producing qualified managerial personnel.

The Institute’s educational philosophy is built around the integration of knowledge and practical skills and personal development. It focuses on the uniqueness of its courses and the cultivation of students’ professional and personal qualification.

Ratified by Tianjin Education Commission, the TourismSchool affiliated to the Tianjin Radio and TelevisionUniversity was founded in April 2000, which offers the local young people an opportunity to receive undergraduate education.

In September 2000, the Institute jointly ventured a 2+1 Program in Hospitality & Tourism Management with the Blue Mountains HotelSchool in Australia. Upon the completion of a two-year diploma program on Tianjin campus, students can further their studies for one year to Bachelor degree level at the Blue Mountains campus in Australia or in New Zealand, Switzerland and France. The Institute has in taken about 500 students including students from Taiwan and Hong Kong. The mass media such as the People’s Daily, China Tourism News and Educational Channel of CCTV all describes the Program as an “international program for Chinese students to take without going overseas”.

Approved by China National Tourism Administration?Les Clefts D’or China Training Base was established on CTMI campus in January 2001.The program specializes in training qualified personnel for hotel concierge, who present special services to international guests.

In response to the call of the Chinese Central Government to develop the West China, in March 2000, the Institute launched a project to train hospitality personnel for the West. 280 students from 13 minority groups in 12 poverty-stricken provincial areas have participated in the project. The program offers a diploma course with the educational model of combining academic study with practical skills training. The Institute provides free meals and accommodations for the students. The mass media have spoken highly of this project.

In January 2004, the Institute jointly established a diploma program and an undergraduate program for adults with HebeiEconomic & TradeUniversity. The program offers courses to the outstanding young people without requesting entrance exams.

In the past 10 years, the Institute has conducted short training courses for directors of tourism bureaus in West China and for departmental heads and general managers of different international hotels in China and seminars on economic development for hospitality and tourism personnel in Tibet. The Institute also delivers other courses such as the course of Educational Institute of American Hotel & Lodging Association, the course for aircraft personnel, etc. Over 10,000 people have received professional training from these courses.

With tourism hospitality as a growing industry in the world, China will become the largest tourist destination. All the big events such as China’s entering the WTO, the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai challenge in enhancing our efforts to manage the Institute as a cradle of training qualified professionals for the Industry and as a HuangpuMilitaryAcademy in China’s Tourism Circle.

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