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Bacardi (Bacardi Limited)

Back in 1862 when Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, the founder of BACARDI Rum, began creating his now famous rum blends in the Company’s original tin roof building in Santiago de Cuba he noticed that he wasn’t alone. High up in the rafters lived a colony of fruit bats. His wife, Dona Amalia Moreau, a cultured Cuban lady and relative to one of Napoleon’s top generals learned that the extinct native people of Cuba, the Tainos, had tremendous respect for bats. The Tainos believed bats to be symbols of health, good fortune and family unity, a belief also shared by the local populace of the time.

Realizing that the rum maker needed a distinguishing symbol to identify his products during a period when a majority of the local people couldn’t read, Dona Amalia suggested that a rendering of a bat adorn every bottle. Over time, Don Facundo’s rums became known as “The Rum of the Bat.”

Today, the Bat symbol still proudly graces every bottle of BACARDI Rum and is acknowledged as the most recognized brand trademark in the U.S. spirits industry.

Bring your cocktails to life this Halloween with the legendary quality of BACARDI Rums.

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